Promoting Swiss Innovation for international markets Enabling exports and partnerships in emerging markets Innovative market entry strategies to help more Swiss SMEs to benefits from the biggest opportunity (and challenge) of economic history: the just started growing trend of the emerging markets. And is all about Innovation! In order to capture growth opportunities in the emerging world, it is essential to innovate targeting the specific needs and requirements, and not just export. Competition to conquer emerging markets is increasing, coming not only from international players, but most of the times from emerging markets companies. Swiss technology and innovation based SMEs can be competitive in emerging markets. However many of them risk to miss the opportunity because of lack of resources. The same is true for innovations and R&D results performed in cooperation with Swiss universities. Indeed volumes in emerging markets have become so massive that cannot be neglected. Increasingly we see technologies developed for countries like China and India, and then disrupt players in western markets. MNEs are leading the way in internationalization towards emerging markets. Many of them already are setting up R&D centers in emerging economies such as China and India. It is appropriate to seek partnerships with MNEs in order to facilitate operations. In addition, in order to increase the chance to beat competition, it will be necessary to build a broader sense of innovation adopting a multidisciplinary approach, and to form partnerships and networks. Swiss firms are increasingly looking for markets outside Western Europe. Especially emerging markets, that were negligible till two decades ago, are now becoming of crucial importance. To find their way into new markets, Swiss SMEs have access to a wide range of services, government initiatives and private, including consulting from Switzerland Global Enterprise SGE and the Business Hubs in key markets. On the other hands, science opportunities are encouraged in key international markets through the platform of the Scientific outposts (Scientific Attaché and Swissnex) coordinated by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI. Innovation oriented projects can be a very competitive way for SMEs to explore new markets.